Born in Mexico City (when it was the largest city in the world) // travel with parents to multiple states and set-up tripod, camera, focus and cable release for my father who uses Nikon F series // get first canon AE-1 program at age 14 // take pictures of all my friends and my neighborhood, La Colonia Roma // take my first darkroom classes // I struggled // hated mixing chemicals // take pictures in the devastating Mexico City earthquake, magnitude 8.1 // discover f stops, in particular f:8 // build my own library, including a lot of photography books // read like crazy and discover John Berger, Susan Sontag and Minor White // move to US for 2 years // play lots of sports, especially baseball and basketball // go back to Mexico City // continue school and decides on a communication major // photograph concerts and city-scapes // go to every art gallery and photography show // move back to SF and pursue a photography career // become a member at the Ansel Adams Center // buy a nikon f3 //  travel to Europe and photograph Paris // find love // break up // continue studies // work in a pharmacy with Uncle Noel // continue studying photography // meet world-renowned photographers Arnold Newman and Ruth Bernhard // get involved in the coffee business // become coffee savvy // assist way too much // find my advertising photographer mentor // work too much during dot.com boom // think I'm going to become millionaire // lie, it was a bubble // break up with long time girl friend // work at an internet co. and start getting more and more photo assignments // shoot for artists // shoot weddings // shoot portraits // shoot in studio for catalogs // shoot corporate // shoot for non-profits // shoot bat-mitzvahs // fall in love with Kirsten // get married // keep taking larger assignments // have my first son luca // keep taking pics // play competitive tennis // acquire sophisticated lighting equipment // have my second son Nicolas // survive another boom and bust—specially the shift from analog to digital // keep busy learning new trends // stay in touch with my clients // become friends with a lot of them // they keep calling for almost 15 years // use more social media // am a happy photographer // busy // always have the time for you and your photography project.